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See what a few of our patients are saying:


After having a serious illness, including an all over rash, compromised lung function and general deep fatigue as well as going to western trained Aleopathic doctors who could not diagnose my problem, I came to Drake.  While I am still regaining my former health after over a year with Drake taking Chinese herbs and having acupuncture treatments, my rash is totally gone, I have better lung function and more energy and stamina.  I have been very happy with my treatment.

Vibrina C.


Extremely beneficial for my insomnia.  No pain during treatments.  Highly trained professional.  Have recommended Drake to friends that have not been helped by medical doctors.

Michael A.


Without question, the most positive experience I've every had!  Stressed from working full time and attending night school I began having symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and irregular heartbeat.  I knew something was wrong but could not begin to imagine what.  After consulting my family doctor and seeing several specialist to figure out what was causing me to feel so poorly, I finally learned I was experiencing anxiety attacks. I tried the medication route but found that to leave me sleepy, detached from life and with great fear of chemical dependency.  That's when I sought out acupuncture.  I was no fan of the idea of needles but I can honestly say the benefits far out way any preconceived-conceived hesitations I might have had.  After my first treatment I was amazed; I slept better at night, felt more alert during the day and my overall disposition greatly improved.  What a fabulous experience Drake provided.  All I can say is thank you for your time and patience.  I will tell everyone I know!  

Linda C.


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